This sweet little guy had a bit of a rough start.  He was born super early and had to hang out in the NICU for quite a few weeks.  We were able to take his oxygen off for his newborn session but he still needs it regularly.  He was 6 weeks old when we did these pictures and I wasn’t sure how well he’d cooperate or not since they’re not as sleepy after about 2 weeks, but he was such a calm, easy-going baby and did great!  He has the best lips I’ve ever seen on a baby and some cheeks that I bet his parents want to kiss all day.  I love doing newborn sessions. There is just something so special and sweet about these new, little ones so recently arrived from heaven.  What a lucky boy to be born to such amazing parents!
Okay I died laughing at how cute this picture is when I was editing! Those lips!!!  I immediately thought of Zoolander but unless you went to junior high or high school int he 2000s it’s likely that you wouldn’t understand my reference of “he did his first look.”  But that’s what this picture reminded me of!
 I love how intently he’s gazing up at his parents. Just the sweetest picture!!  Seriously, what a gorgeous family!
This picture is perfection in my mind. Not necessarily because I’m some photographic genius because I’m not, but I think this has special significance that Lucas is in his Dad’s hands. His dad has recently had gradual loss of the movement in his hands/arms over the last few years and the doctors haven’t been able to figure out what’s causing it yet.  I knew this might be a difficult picture for him to do but felt it might be such a treasure in later years if the loss of movement in his arms continued.  It honestly made me tear up when I was editing it because it was just so sweet.