Sweet baby Vincent. One thing is for sure- this boy loves his mama more than he loved me or my baskets of fluffy coziness. Ha ha. That’s okay. I’m not offended that I’m not the favorite.  His mom had magical powers to calm him though.  She introduced me to the “easy button”- a spot on the back of a baby’s neck that you can rub to calm them down.  We’ll see if I have the same luck next time I do a newborn shoot. If it works I feel like I’ll become a true baby whisperer.

Someone made them this Toad beanie (from Super Mario) so naturally we had to work it into the pictures somehow.

I love the interactions between a proud sibling and their new baby. She was so sweet to be a helper the whole photo shoot and she’s been practicing diapering her baby doll.  What an awesome big sister!