So these kiddos are adorable. And they happen to be my niece and nephews. So yes, I’m biased. But I do love them and love taking their pictures. So much personality in this group!  They’re probably sillier than my regular kid sessions because they’re so comfortable with me. But I love pictures that capture your true child and especially this top guy is as silly as they come, so it just seems fitting somehow.

Sometimes I’m funny. And sometimes I’m just funny looking. And sometimes I make the person standing behind me do ridiculous things and I play along and act like I can’t figure out what’s happening each time I turn around and they stop. Somehow my same trick works every time. On every kid…  yup, kids think I’m funny and these are the faces to prove it.  Too bad it doesn’t work on adults to get them to relax and smile normally. ­čÖé