I utterly refuse to pay another photographer to do my family pics until my son is old enough to hold still/cooperate. The last few times I paid big bucks for pictures he didn’t look happy/smile/look at the camera in a single one and we spent most of our time fighting him. So not worth it. I’ve found that he quite likes the “blinky” light on my camera timer and will usually sit/smile for it, so we’ve done some ourselves. 

 Those eyes! I love his blue eyes.  I didn’t edit or enhance them- these are his natural eyes!
We took these in Logan Canyon before the leaves changed.

I had to include this one because to get my son to smile I’ll often put something silly on my head when I’m behind the camera. I had my husband taking this (obviously since I’m in it) and my son went and grabbed the dinosaur and put it on my head and it got stuck in my curls. My husband just happened to snap the pic right as he did this, so I kind of love the captured moment, silly as it is.